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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EST

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and you owe him relations following of nato airstrike which killed more than twenty of its soldiers a bloody pakistan says it will now play no part in a key international meeting on building a secure afghanistan. the u.k. orders the evacuation of its embassy in iran and warns of serious consequences if after an angry protesters stormed the facility following a decision to impose more sanctions. doubts are cast over age of parliamentary elections as protesters continue their demands for the military rulers to step down as a record number of hopefuls turned out to vote for change in the country. also serves persist with putting up roadblocks along
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a disputed border despite nato forces clamping down with tear gas and rubber bullets in days of confrontations. fortunately coming to life from moscow on marina joshie a furious pakistan is making its anger abundantly clear over the recent nato air strike which killed twenty four of its soldiers it's now pulled completely out of a key security conference on afghanistan future next week it also promised to permanently close the lines as key military supply route through its territory reports. relationships are never easy but when it comes to the partnership between america and pakistan the sugardaddy of this geo political alliance has turned out to be islamic most dangerous friend in a post nine eleven world pakistan joined forces with the u.s.
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in the war on terror receiving roughly eighteen billion dollars in return over the past ten years he had hundreds of pakistani civilians have been killed in u.s. drone strikes targeting terrorists most recently nato had to admit it killed two dozen pakistani soldiers. this said protestors onto the streets of his lawn torching an effigy of president barack obama burning american flags and demanding an immediate divorce from its american partner this is hardly the first time the pakistani sovereignty has been infringed by the united states is not the first time that pakistani citizens have been killed by the united states and its allies it seems to be the case now that you know its case regards pakistan as a kind of free fire zone in which it's a liberty to abuse the country's sovereignty with no need for
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apology or redress nato has called the incident tragic and an intended promising to investigate the killings the pakistani government has demanded the u.s. vacate an air base used for drone attacks it's also closed a vital u.s. military supply route to afghanistan a third to a half of all supplies that go to the nato forces go through pakistan so this is going to have a major impact there's no question about it the biggest rift between the two countries came six months ago when the u.s. violated pakistani sovereignty to assassinate osama bin laden with lost respect because people now fear. the united states because we're like a drunken person will go to war anywhere if you threaten us now stands prime minister has come out and said there would be no more business as usual with washington there are clear choices today of what america has gotten really speaking
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either to expand the war and i'm going to bog bommel point of approach is not going to be it can trigger the third world war and i want you and wanting everyone pakistan has been america's main ally in the region for decades but constant abuse of the partnership by the us has driven a wedge between the two many believe that pakistan's case highlights that a u.s. bearing gifts while later stop at nothing to get what it wants marina for nile r.t. new york. britain is withdrawing its diplomatic staff from iran and has warrant a rod of serious consequences after the storming of the u.k. embassy compound militant students clashed with police and threw stones and petrol bombs at windows of the complex protesters also brought down the british flag burned it and raised the demonstrations followed a vote in iran's parliament to reduce diplomatic ties with london in retaliation
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for imposing further sanctions over its nuclear program iran's foreign ministry has expressed regret for the incidents political analyst chris bambery believes the new british sanctions provoked iran which is something the west has been wanting to achieve. as the. sanctions against iran and there is talk of some strike against iran over this you could program we should remember that nationalism runs very deep and people have memories of when for instance. in one thousand nine hundred eighty three to overthrow a democratically elected government which had nationalized american oil interests and installed the shah of iran and that nationalism is runs very deep and. enthusiasm present. many of the mood around against any notion of sanctions against iran or a british american strike against iran also the hypocrisy of america and britain who have enough weapons to destroy the world many times over. iran. does
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not have. the americans and the bruce do have plans for eventually for a military strike is whether or not the kind of and i think those people who are committed to peace and don't want to see you know war should be concerned about this and should pressure in washington london and paris to stop any talk of for the sanctions or any talk of a military strike against iran side mohammad marandi a professor at tehran university says it's iran civilian population who will suffer most from the u.k.'s new sanctions. the iranians are very angry that. england has continued to take a hostile stance towards the country and the real problem in the eyes of iranians is that what the british government is trying to do is that is trying to make ordinary iranians suffer or the sanctions that have been imposed upon the iranians
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through the government this government the british government are directed at ordinary iranians that banking system and therefore imports and exports so it is basically very much directed at ordinary people. while we're always curious what you saying dad today we're asking why the consequences of the attack on the u.k. ambrosi will be so log on to our website to participate this hour forty five percent of you think it will eventually lead to a western invasion of iran if union that the attack was political theater but will have few serious consequences come second sixteen percent of the predict more sanctions against iran and its further isolation while the minority believes the u.k. and other western countries will cut diplomatic ties with iran so go online to have your say. the u.k. has a lot to deal with back on its own soil as well but up to two million people are set to carry out
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a walkout across britain in what promises to be the largest public sector workers in a generation labor unions objects to the government's strategy to make their members work longer and pay more in order to earn their pensions more than a thousand demonstrations are scheduled to take place across the country during that twenty four hour strike the move comes three weeks after thousands of british students took to the streets against a tripling of thier tuition fees. and in other world news today the credit ratings of dozens of u.s. financial firms have been downgraded standard and poor's lowered the rankings of a string of u.s. institutions after setting a new great era for banks the process determines each bank's risks as well as the or a likelihood of meeting government or group support in the future those affected include wall street bigwigs such as morgan stanley and goldman sachs. a former ivory coast president laurent gbagbo has been charged with four counts of crimes against humanity has been taken into custody by the international criminal
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court over allegations of murder rape persecution and inhuman at the crimes occurred after last year's elections one who refused to accept defeat and almost lead his country into civil war he's the first former head of state charged by the court since it was established in two thousand and two. egypt is basking in post-election glory after holding its first parliamentary vote since the fall of president mubarak preliminary results are due to be announced later on wednesday but with the army generals showing little intention to what go the reins many say nothing will change our correspondent he's now we met one protester who is boycott of the ballot to emphasize the old tactics that are still rampant in the country. signs of a real democracy mile long lines at polls vote stained fingers and palpable joy of participating in egypt's future but do the signs stop it that.
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election excitement and dreams of democracy could be overshadowing a harsh reality there is little doubt egyptian enthusiasm for this whole is genuine they're excited to be voting in a real election for real candidates but for a heart of the man that will have no power and does that make this part a real transition than from the old regime the problem is you know what or that she going to produce a parliament to appoint ministers that kind of appoint a government. whose constitution whatever it turns out to be is going to be guarded by the army some of whom wonder stemmed this boycott at the polls like samir ebro ham a protester that knows all too well old tactics are still rampant a virginity task was performed on her and other women that protested on top here long after mubarak fell. on the many the woman told me to lie down for the men to examine me and then came in and and then to examine the i was naked it was like
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a shoe with people watching over those and soldiers. she was too upset to tell me details of her ordeal but did say this about the vote but the main reason for holding the elections is for the military to hide their corruption and crimes instead of voting a group of protesters marched to call for justice and show solidarity for jinnah detests victims there were few cameras and no objection to press it remains the fact that both before during and after this election the ruler of egypt is an unelected man called field marshal muhammad ali and as long as he is on the elected this is not a democracy but the west was quick to praise the election as a great stir. towards change although the americans are beginning to say well no the army must go back to. deep down they'll be perfectly happy to keep the army where it is in egypt and if you give one point three billion dollars a year to the egyptian army which the americans do you assume you're expected to do
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what it wants which leaves little room for the people to get what they want and egypt might be waking up for more of a nightmare than the sweet dream of democracy once election settles and he's seen our way archie cargo. coming your way in the program tackling the problem some believe the quickest way to bring down nationalism and extremism is to put the babbling side face to face and see where the dialogue gets them. in syria damascus has called the arab league sanctions a declaration of economic war as secretary general of the league has said that measure sent a very serious political message to the country of russia which wants to see dialogue between the government and the opposition a sad time to stop dealing in ultimatums and get back to the negotiating table earlier the un released a report stating that government forces have to made of crimes against humanity and their brutal treatment of anti-government demonstrators according to ask them it's almost four thousand people have been killed since the beginning of the uprising in
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march middle east expert says it's ordinary citizens that bear the brunt of sanctions and not the. least. some of the neighbors. syria are saying that they are going to maintain. relations with. the. economies would be affected lebanon for example. did not agree to the sanctions. but that's not going to include those are some questions. about jordan what jordan's role agree to the sanctions number of jordan. on syria water food group products etc so that is something that still out there nevertheless what we know so far is that sanctions is a blunt instrument which ultimately affects the population more than it
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a fact. and what we have seen so far is that increasingly the country may be sliding crowds a kind of civil war because the protests apparently the peaceful protests have not had the kind of impact. organizers had hoped for. well syria's opposition is receiving reinforcement from other countries experience in the matter of asking political leaders read our reports on the line and then you leave the government reportedly sans hundreds of us troops to syria to join a local militants and show them just how you bring down a regime. and escaping a jail term for a medical condition the norwegian mass murderer after is breivik has been rolled manfully you know and therefore not accountable for killing seventy seven people back in july.
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while the man wanted as a prime suspect in the u.k. for the murder of former russian agent l. example of a man who is now being seen by russia as a victim in the case this comes as russia continues its own investigation into the infamous murder well for more on this let's cross to our correspondent here oliver who is in moscow has the details for us here this certainly looks like a new chapter in the nuclear murder isn't it. we see here is russia has launched their own investigation into the death of alexander litvinenko now the findings of that investigation so far as that's the man that is the main suspect for alex on the listening because most any united kingdom and that it was actually a target of assassination himself this is due to being carried out on the boy that
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he is now being referred to as a potential victim of whoever was the the real murderer no. what we've seen is the fight it's been five years since alexander litvinenko was killed using the radioactive isotope polonium two ten izzie sip tea and a sushi restaurant in london and this is being a. murder which is drawn much interest from around the world to find out who was behind the killing of alexander litvinenko. well here this radioactive trail has long cast a dark shadow over relations between moscow and the london just how badly have the thais been affected. well the u.k. police wanted to see under lugovoy extradited to britain to space questions over the death of. this is however illegal under the russian constitution russian investigators have said that they will if they found that there was sufficient evidence against lugovoy charge him in prosecuting him here now they haven't seen
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sufficient evidence from the british side they've questioned the thoroughness of the investigation from coming out of london into what killed alexander litvinenko and how he was killed and this is led to a real diplomatic. between russia and the u.k. which has of course gone on for five years now. as it stands at the moment an inquest into the death of alexander litvinenko is currently underway in london. peter all right thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update. serves northern cause of our building more roadblocks along the border spy the efforts of nato peacekeepers to take them down this comes after days of confrontation with troops have been firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse serbian protesters leaving dozens injured for months local serbs have been using soil rock and concrete to put up roadblocks in response to attempts by the cost of authorities to
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take control of border checkpoints to impose a ban on serbian goods nato peacekeepers have moved in to patrol the border possible you know actually proclaimed in the palace in two thousand and eight a move that's never been recognized by belgrade or possible serbs living in the area of our spy there are there spoke to some locals living in the conflict zone. for serbia and kosovo the road to independence starts here since july the western backed albanian majority here have tried to impose their customs controls on the air is inhabited by the serbian minority these men sort of as an underhand step to drive them out and set up roadblocks now to keep watch day and night and more and more are calling for independence from albania and kosovo and from belgrade this checkpoint isn't located in any internationally recognized border and if people behind me aren't professional border guards but the extreme measures they've had to
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go to this is their only means of survival. in september milan a pair of h. was shot in the leg by nato soldiers who were trying to take down the barricades as he prepares to return there he says that he now realized that the price of the standoff is just too high and says he never wanted independence just to cross over to reunite to serbia but he had missed the does is unlikely to happen and that a compromise is necessary process. we are isolated now anyways maybe as talking about this will put pressure on belgrade to pay more attention to serve some cause or to help but you will see those that were there for twelve years since the conflict that divided kosovo the politicians in belgrade have repeated of the area is an integral part of serbia but under the presidency of western oriented but it started joining the european union has become a bigger priority to satisfy eed demands that it has recently called for the barricades to be dismantled and branded their defenders extremists to units that
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have public in belgrade has abandoned kosovo and the people of kosovo are fighting for themselves the e.u. keeps making new demands first handing over milosevic then could out which then murder which but they will never be satisfied meanwhile the situation for serbs in kosovo is getting worse that we have because this is footage of the latest clashes on the barricades which have been happening almost daily recently but despite the toll of simmering violence when we visit the barricades on a quite a night there is all of course where serbs remains firm over because this will because this is our homeland we will not leave it and we will defend it regardless of what anyone else tells us to do on the butt of. the european union most of the leaders in belgrade and albanian cost of us of all brushed off the idea of an independent serbian kosovo but until a compromise of some sort of fun for the serb minority living care a destructive standoff will continue indefinitely either
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a very ordinary party kosovo. russia's north caucasus is a melting pot of cultures but unfortunately that means the temperature sometimes boils over continued volatility in the region has now led some to put their heads together in the hope of finally bringing peace i just want to go security ports. russia's north caucasus a place where there are a petition for volatility even some russians tend to view these republics as separate entities with religious and ethnic differences at the heart of the problem and leading some to tackle its consequences the ugly side of nationalism separate we gathered people from all walks of life and took them on a trip to the north caucasus in order to dispel existing myths to show those who live in that region that russian nationalists and football fans are not as evil as they're portrayed and also for us to see that north caucasus is populated by people just like us with similar problems and issues as part of a program called dialogue and those that helm include a member of
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a nationalist movement a football fan and a youth movement leader their main focus is the younger generation those who grew up after the soviet union was created in youth in russia and in the north caucuses have a warped perception of each other that was the starting point for a program a lot of people do not venture outside of their region and base their opinion on the information they find in mass media and on the internet racial tension and football have increasingly gun hand to hand in russia last december football fan give you that was killed in a brawl with a group of men from the north caucasus his death sparked riots of football fans and nationalists in central moscow police clashes emerse arrests those involved in the fatal fighting eventually ending up in prison was he who all right knows a strong part of our society which keeps growing since one nine hundred seventy russian people didn't have a pave or national idea to rally about football fans rally around the country and around the national ideal so far the group's only organized one visit but it's
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already getting high level and gauge meant created a willingness of the regional government to participate in the dialogue it's huge progress for the north caucuses because these issues were never acknowledged by them before and that's why we ended up with the problems we have on our hands right now football stadiums like this front. example often become battlefields what starts up in the sports car business in turns into a heated ethnic conflict in fact in russia terms football fair and nationalist have unfortunately become almost synonymous people like soul tom believe they can and will change that by proving that sporting peach which isn't have nothing to do with national stadium even though moscow. brings us up to date here on our deal see what's happening in business to be three zero. thanks marina russia is potentially on the way to investment starvation economic
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ministry expects the country to see a six percent growth from investments and twenty eleven and a slightly higher increase in the coming years almost half of the cash is still coming from the state economic ministry says that's not enough to finance russia's ambitious plans for modernization with no more opportunities to stimulate economic growth with budget spending. so quickly to the market starting with oil and it's losing ground following three sessions of gains so after the american petroleum institute reported an increase in u.s. crude in the trees light sweet is declining seventy two cents per barrel of brant is that i mean by the same amount of one hundred ten dollars. a share the lower despite overnight gains on wall street's hong kong metal companies are meeting losses a week commodity prices have been incorporation of china is down strongly and is weighing on tech shares in the so here olympus is losing ground as reports say it may miss the deadline for financial results which would force the company to dean's
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list from the tokyo stock exchange some blue chips however bucking the trend as a surge and consumer confidence and out supporting us. european markets open around one percent of the standard and poor's cut credit ratings on lenders from a bank of america to goldman sachs group whose montreal chief has also said that the block is entering a critical ten day period for saving. here in russia a bit of a change of heart for the my sex it's now up half a percent to the r.t.s. is down this point six we'll see what's moving the my six most blue chips however are still in the red as you can see their financials. bulls point six percent of two opposed to the two fold increase in net profit for the first nine months of the year was still seeing a week of crude as you remember this weighing on the energy majors guess pool is
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down but of course of a percent sevastopol is finally correct it's not selfish our look at jumping ten percent since that number twenty fifth of all say may hold a spin off of its gold production assets here's an example yourself from wells that . has. said they keep making money in stocks seem not to be scared their way out of them and these days when there is heightened uncertainty in all currency can be considered completely safe it is still via tola to my opinion to be invested in proven stories in the stock market like oil and gas stocks in particular we shall all be used to cheap on multiples and many of them are being hefty and dividends saudi oil and gas sector strongest would probably be the ones that will not make you a long substantial losses but to look at the great upside potential. russia's largest
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lenders burbank is seeking to enter the swiss market as part of its strategy to expand into europe its and talks to buy a small local bank s.l.b. from russia's oil company lukoil course the newspaper says burbank is aiming at developing investment and private banking services in the european country that deal could be worth around sixty million dollars analysts believe burbank will be facing tough competition more than three hundred high class banks are present in switzerland including global financial job. losses largest carmaker after hours will look overseas as the competition domestic market is expected to surge when the country joins so that we now exemption to the trade body will ensure a step by step decline of car import duties to fifteen percent on the current twenty five percent had about two hours explains how the company will be handling this we are going to support competitiveness and with the increasing efficiency.
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reducing cost bringing big wall the ribs there is our competitive advantage in russia. and the next target is because i stand and foremost and next step we are going to move to developing markets. we are for now we will be back in fifty five minutes time. if.
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a man of them a. chance . if.


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